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  • P-LL-7500 Youth LifeLine Guide

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LifeLineGuide and Monthly Planner will provide you with the right tools and help you build the skills to direct your own future. When you manage life by a system, you’re in control and can achieve those things in life that are important to you. In this guidebook, you’ll learn and develop five different, but very important life skills:

    1. How to Dream Big
    2. Understanding Who am I?
    3. Using the Power of Choice
    4. Learning the Magic of Goals
    5. Planning life one day at a time
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Your “LifeLineGuide” Starter Kit contains:

  • LifeLineGuidebook
  • 6 Monthly Planners
  • Carabiner with 5 medallions
  • A Magnetic Bookmark for your Planner
  • A CanDooHickey Designed to make your Planner versatile. Insert in your Planner and it easily converts to fit into a spiral notebook.
  • Audio Download You can read and/or listen to yourLifeLineGuidebook.

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